Below are some of the many positive things that patients are saying about englewood & Midtown New York City Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg and her staff.

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Daring to make cosmetic changes has never been simple especially with all those scary risk complications.
But when my slighty chipped and discolored teeth caused me to never smile for the camera - which was pretty often in this cell phone/camera era - it was Dr. Janys Gelberg and her beautiful veneers to the rescue. No more stressful or embarrassing photoshoots.

Smiling is once again a happy and enjoyable experience. And while this simple cosmetic change does not make me any younger, I certainly feel a whole lot better.

Marcia - Retired teacher; Home Organizer

Dr. Gelberg performed a makeover on my front teeth. I had a space that was so large I had stopped smiling or even wearing lipstick because I was so embarrassed. And I am a makeup artist! Dr. Gelberg transformed my teeth and as a result my business. I am so proud and confident now which has made a difference in every way.

KD - 2012

I had braces so my teeth were straight but there was a space between my two front teeth that could not be corrected without making them crooked. I was not happy until Dr. Gelberg was able to give me veneers on four of my front teeth to correct the problem. What a difference! I had not realized that I was not smiling normally before the veneers and now I am so proud of the finished look. It is really awesome! Thank you so much!!

Matt S.

Dr. Gelberg placed porcelain veneers on my top teeth. She does gorgeous work... she is a real artist!!


I realize that I never really smiled until I had porcelain veneers placed on my top teeth. I was always embarrassed about the spots on my teeth. Dr. Gelberg changed my smile and my life.


I needed a crown which Dr. Gelberg took care of for me. At a later date when I needed to go to an endodontist for a root canal he could not get over what an impeccable crown she had created.


Dr. Gelberg...thank you so much for your gentle, kind and reassuring care. I was always so anxious to go to the dentist but you have changed my attitude. And your humming along while you work is very comforting.