Meet the Staff

Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Janys Gelberg, DDS & Staff

New York City Dentist Janys Gelberg, DDS & Staff


Our exceptional, friendly staff is our greatest asset. Our dental assistants and hygienists are licensed professionals who pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of dentistry and patient communication. They are excited about what they are doing, have high standards of quality and integrity, and are motivated to achieve the best results for our family of patients.  We are a team in every sense of the word!!


Our dedicated and motivated staff has one primary goal—your utmost comfort! We feel it’s important that you understand the treatment that you’ll be receiving so that you can relax during the procedure. Our staff is eager to answer any questions regarding your dental care. Please feel free to share with us your needs and concerns.


Nikki Hernandez - Office Manager - New York

Nikki is the office manager in NY and has years of dental office experience. Her calm and confident demeanor is a tremendous asset.  In addition to her beautiful smile, she adds grace and professionalism to our office.

Nina Sobel - Office Manager - New Jersey

Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg's Office Manager Nina Sobel



Nina has had years of experience in the field of Human Resources and is a great asset to our Englewood office. She has tremendous interpersonal  and organizational skills, and she is always welcoming, smiling and reassuring.


  Helen Karaousos - Dental Assistant
Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg's Dental Assistant Helen Karaousos

Helen has been working with us in the NY office for more than 5 years and we are lucky to have her!

In addition to being skilled, enthusiastic and supportive, Helen has a wonderful sense of humor and she brings a vibrant, exciting, positive energy to our office.

Yamina Escobar - Dental Assistant
Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg's Dental Assistant Yamina Escobar

"Dr. Gelberg has the biggest heart of anyone I know and I feel so lucky to have the experience of working with her all these years."

Yamina has been working with us for over 10 years and is extremely skilled in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. She is an exceptionally warm and compassionate woman, and patients appreciate her beautiful smile and caring nature.

Mickey Damurjian - Dental Assistant
Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg's Dental Assistant Mickey Damurjian

Mickey and Dr. Gelberg began their professional relationship 25 years ago and they have been working together ever since.  

Mickey is always welcoming to our Tuesday evening patients.  Her calm and reassuring demeanor is of great comfort to all.  Dr. Gelberg will not let her retire full time to the beach!

Ilene Levine - Dental Hygienist
Metro New York Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Janys Gelberg's Dental Hygienist Ilene Levine

Ilene has been working with Dr. Gelberg for 8 years.  She is a highly experienced hygienist and provides impeccable service to our patients.  Ilene is warm and outgoing and always makes our patients comfortable with her easy conversation and meticulous hygiene skills.






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