Holistic Dentistry


nutraMetrix™ –Advanced Nutraceuticals

Our holistic approach to wellness and general health led us to include nutritional counseling as part of our comprehensive dental examination. Dr. Gelberg believes that appropriate nutrition is an essential aspect of health care.  During the consultation we evaluate each patient's unique oral and nutritional needs and recommend appropriate supplements.   An important component of this evaluation includes the use of antioxidant supplementation. Antioxidants are recognized as a defense against the body's production of free radicals that cause tissue damage and inflammation,  contributing to chronic disease.   Many studies have shown that antioxidants help to safeguard your immune system, promote optimal aging and protect your oral and overall health. 

After a careful search, we have chosen nutraMetrix™ –Advanced Nutraceuticals.

These are some of the services we now offer: 

  • A complete line of high quality nutritional supplements in an  isotonic delivery system that provides maximal absorption. 
  • A genetic test to determine what supplements are best for you based on your genetic variations
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